Area Church Serves Elliott Library.

Recently a team of dedicated volunteers from Clarksburg Christian Church in Clarksburg, Indiana returned to the CCL Center in Florence, Kentucky to assist with the Elliott Library project. Under the direction of senior minister Jerran Jackson, the team shelved books, organized newsletters and archives, and stacked pallets of empty book boxes to be used by a partner mission, GO-Pantry of Northern Kentucky.

Good things happen when the church gathers, and this event was no exception. The crew accomplish much-needed work for the library, and the fellowship and camaraderie shared by the volunteers and CCL staff served as an added bonus.

We thank God for faithful partner churches like Clarksburg Christian Church, and we thank him for the kind members of CCC who have been such a great help to the CCL Center.

If you would like to become a financial partner with the Christian Church Leadership Foundation, you may send a check to: CCL Foundation, PO Box 14208, Cincinnati, OH 45250, or make a secure online donation at


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