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Thank you for subscribing to the CCL Foundation Newsletter. We appreciate your interest in our ministry and your faithful readership. I’m writing today to let you know that we will be changing—and improving—the way we communicate Foundation news to you in the future.

As our ministry units (the Russell School of Ministry, the Christian Church Leadership Network, and the Elliott Library) have grown, we’ve felt the need to provide each unit with its own unique opportunity to keep you informed. To get updates specific to the units you’re most interested in, please visit their respective websites:

  • The Russell School of Ministry (
  • The Christian Church Leadership Network (
  • The Elliott Library (

News specific to the CCL Foundation (Foundation news and events, partner stories, and notes from Shawn’s travels) will be available soon on the Foundation website, .

If you would like to become a financial partner with the Christian Church Leadership Foundation, you may send a check to: CCL Foundation, PO Box 14208, Cincinnati, OH 45250, or make a secure online donation at


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