More than a Library

When you visit the Elliott Library at the Christian Church Leadership Center in Florence, Kentucky, you’ll find much more than books on shelves. While we’re delighted to house more than 50,000 volumes for research and study, we’re also pleased to curate an extensive collection of ancient artifacts and Restoration History memorabilia.

The accompanying photos are samples of what you’ll find when you walk through the rooms of the Elliott Library.

  • A 6,000-year-old oil lamp
  • An ancient sling stone
  • An original cuneiform brick
  • A bust of Alexander Campbell, one of three known to exist
  • Memorabilia from the 1909 Centennial Meeting of the Disciples of Christ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • One of hundreds of rubbings from ancient tombs and temples created by Dr. Ward Patterson

The Christian Church Leadership Center is honored to serve as home to this remarkable collection. We would love to host you, your family, or a group from your church for a visit.

If you would like to become a financial partner with the Christian Church Leadership Foundation, you may send a check to: CCL Foundation, PO Box 14208, Cincinnati, OH 45250, or make a secure online donation at


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