The Christian Church Leadership Network: Helping Ministers Survive and Thrive

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Christian Church Leadership Network, one of the ministry arms of the Christian Church Leadership Foundation. But are you aware of the many services the CCL Network provides to churches, many at no cost? Here are just a few.
Ministers’ Roundtables
Ministers’ Roundtables provide free, peer-to-peer mentoring experiences for senior ministers of CCL Network churches. Round tables offer a safe environment for support, encouragement, and care.
The SafetyNet
The Christian Church Leadership Network provides The SafetyNet as a free service to help ministers survive and thrive in their calling. The monthly SafetyNet blog helps vocational ministers lead strategically, engage in the difficult but necessary conversations that lead to change and growth, and respond productively to ministry challenges.In addition, seasoned ministers are available through SafetyNet to help other ministers navigate through seasons of difficulty, stress, anger, and disappointment.
The Church Working Right
Available to CCLN Network + members and based on extensive research and interviews of nearly 300 ministers, The Church Working Right addresses five of the most often identified challenges that hinder church health and growth: identity, leadership, engagement, culture, and evangelism.Veteran church leaders meet with groups of local ministers to help them identify these challenges and take steps to overcome them. These are just a few of the many services the CCL Network offers to help ministers and local churches move toward sustainable health and growth. For more information and to sign up, go to
If you would like to become a financial partner with the Christian Church Leadership Foundation, you may send a check to: CCL Foundation, PO Box 14208, Cincinnati, OH 45250, or make a secure online donation at


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