The Russell School of Ministry: A New Model for Training the Next Generation of Church Leaders

If you’re familiar with the Christian Church Leadership Foundation you’ve likely heard about the Russell School of Ministry. In fact, the CCL Foundation came into existence to continue the legacy of ministry training in the Cincinnati region, which includes RSM.

Here are a few things about RSM you may not know.

RSM does just one thing: equip disciples for ministry.

Whether that service takes place the local church, as part of a ministry organization, or on the mission field, the Russell School of Ministry is designed for one purpose—to prepare kingdom servants.

RSM offers a flexible model for ministry training.

While some ministry responsibilities have remained constant, the methods have drastically changed over the last 50 years, mainly because the ministry field no longer looks the same. Equipping students to minister in this new culture requires a new approach – personalized, hands-on, and practical. The Russell School of Ministry uses a unique multi-layered approach to equipping students to meet the needs of ministry work today.

RSM provides multiple options for ministry focus.

Students can choose from the following areas of ministry education:

  • Preaching and Congregational Ministry
  • General Ministry
  • Worship Leadership
  • Urban and Intercultural Ministry
  • Children and Youth Ministry

RSM trains ministry students at zero cost.

That’s right. Every student who enrolls in RSM receives a 100% scholarship funded by the generous support of ministry partners. Our students enroll in in our program at no cost, allowing them to enter ministry debt free.

RSM is designed to operate throughout the country.

Currently 30 students are enrolled in RSM at our Florence and Indianapolis sites. In addition, RSM maintains an official teaching partnership with BLOC ministries in Cincinnati. New sites are being explored with a goal of having RSM classes in five locations by the end of the year.

These are just a few ways the Russell School of Ministry trains men and women for kingdom work. For more information and to sign up, go to

If you would like to become a financial partner with the Christian Church Leadership Foundation, you may send a check to: CCL Foundation, PO Box 14208, Cincinnati, OH 45250, or make a secure online donation at


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